beginner freediving

The basics of freediving for beginners

Freediving (or apnea), an exquisite underwater pursuit, offers the opportunity to explore marine depths at the what is base level, meaning on a single breath. It's an activity that fosters a profound bond with the ocean, tests personal boundaries, and thrills with the marvels of the aquatic environment. For beginners, it is about mastering the art of breath and body management to glide beneath the waves with grace and poise.

Breathing techniques

Breath control is at the core of what is base training in freediving. The initial base training program in freediving focuses on mastering diaphragmatic breathing to enhance lung capacity and breathing efficiency. A comprehensive freediving training plan will include techniques to fully utilize lung volume and optimize oxygen consumption.

Safety measures

In this sport, where safety is the baseline of the practice, any foundational base training schedule for novices includes learning to dive with a buddy, identifying hypoxia indicators, and emergency response techniques. Adhering to these safety measures is essential of risk mitigation and ensuring diver safety.

Kickstarting your journey with AIDA1

The AIDA 1 course serves as a vital introduction to the essential safety protocols and skills for a smooth initiation into the world of apnea. This course is often the best choice for individuals with time constraints but a strong desire to delve into the basics of freediving.

Freediving techniques for beginners

Initial free diving techniques taught in beginner freediving courses are critical for a secure and pleasurable diving experience. Mastery of these techniques is pivotal for underwater comfort and efficiency:

  • Ear pressure equalization
  • Duck dive technique
  • Fin propulsion using fins
  • Body streamlining to minimize resistance

Overcoming challenges

New freedivers often have to overcome the instinctual need to breathe, which can lead to panic underwater. Foundational training includes free dive tips to help divers gradually extend their breath-hold durations and depths, fostering confidence and control over this instinct. It's a holistic approach that conditions both body and mind.

Building skills in the pool

The controlled environment of a pool is ideal for honing freediving skills, which is a base level of the freediving training plan. Here, beginners can practice with fins, experiment with various techniques, and receive guidance from seasoned divers, allowing a skill development before venturing into the open sea.

Advancing with AIDA 2: further explorations in freediving

Those who have practiced how to free dive at the beginner level often yearn to delve further, which leads many to the AIDA 2 course. This course, extending over approximately two and a half days, is the next step in a base training program and caters to both enthusiastic beginners and AIDA 1 graduates looking to deepen their freediving practice.

AIDA 2 course overview

AIDA 2 broadens your underwater horizons by covering advanced diving techniques, in-depth diving physiology, and enhanced breathing and relaxation methods. It also reinforces finning techniques with fins and swimming skills and instills crucial safety protocols for dives reaching depths of up to 20 meters.


By embracing the AIDA 1 and AIDA 2 courses, divers are offered a structured and secure approach to aquatic exploration on a single breath. The AIDA 2 course represents a significant leap forward in your underwater adventure, preparing you to confidently explore the ocean's silent world to depths of 20 meters. The essence of freediving is not measured by the depths achieved but by the connection established with the ocean and the emphasis on safety. Proper preparation, including a solid base training schedule, opens a realm of boundless exploration and tranquil beauty within the vastness of our oceans, making it the best way to immerse oneself in this incredible sport.

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