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Exploring AIDA courses at Apnetica Freediving school:
a comprehensive review

Freediving is the incredible art of submerging underwater on a single breath without the use of breathing apparatus. The International Association for the Development of Apnea (AIDA) offers a series of courses for learning and enhancing freediving skills. In this article, we present you with an overview of AIDA courses at Apnetica Freediving School.

Freediving Courses at Apnetica Freediving: From AIDA1 to AIDA4

At our Apnetica Freediving school, we offer comprehensive and professional training in freediving. Certified AIDA instructors conduct courses of all levels – from beginner to advanced. We offer AIDA1, AIDA2, AIDA3, and AIDA4 courses to satisfy the needs of divers of any level of experience and ambitions.

AIDA1: Your First Step Into Freediving

What is AIDA1?

The AIDA1 course is an introductory course into freediving. It is designed for those who want to get acquainted with the basic principles of freediving, and it's ideal for beginners and those who want to try freediving before deciding on more in-depth training.

Course Requirements

To participate in the AIDA1 course, it is required for participants to be 18 years and older (16-17-year-olds can study with parental consent), and they should be able to swim non-stop for 100 meters. Additionally, participants should be in reasonably good physical shape and have no contraindications to underwater swimming.

What Does the Course Include?

The AIDA1 course includes theoretical and practical parts. In theory, students learn about the physiology of breathing, pressure effects, safety, and rescue techniques, as well as the basics of swimming and diving techniques.

During the practical part of the course, students learn to relax, breathe correctly, and swim efficiently with fins. They also learn to control their breathing, balance pressure, and safely dive and return to the surface.

Why is AIDA1 Important?

The AIDA1 course is important as it offers the safety basics and techniques required for a comfortable and successful practice of freediving. It is the first step towards a deeper understanding and mastery of freediving.

Course Duration

The AIDA1 course typically lasts one day. This makes it accessible and convenient for those who want to try freediving without spending too much time. During this day, you will gain the necessary knowledge and skills to start your journey into freediving.

AIDA2: Freediver - Your Next Step in the World of Freediving

Having once tried underwater swimming without scuba gear, many people want to dive deeper to explore the world beneath the water's surface. This is where the AIDA2 course comes into play, offering training in a wider spectrum of skills and knowledge necessary for safe and inspiring diving.

Introduction to the AIDA2 Course

The AIDA2 course is designed for those who are already familiar with freediving but want to deepen their skills and knowledge. However, despite this, beginners who want to dive deeper right away can start their training exactly from this course.

Course Duration

The usual duration of the AIDA2 course is two and a half days. This time includes theoretical lessons, practical exercises in the pool, and dives in open water.

What Does the Course Include?

The AIDA2 course includes training in more advanced freediving techniques, including:

  • Learning anatomy and physiology in the context of freediving.
  • Development of breathing techniques, including full breath and recovery after diving.
  • Understanding and managing the reflexes of the respiratory system.
  • Relaxation methods before and during diving.
  • Improving fin swimming skills and learning new swimming techniques.
  • Diving to a depth of up to 20 meters.
  • Emergency situation training and rescue techniques.


The AIDA2 course is a great continuation of your journey into freediving, providing you with the necessary skills and knowledge for safe and confident diving to depths of up to 20 meters. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced freediver, this course will allow you to expand the boundaries of your experience and find a new passion for the underwater world.

AIDA3: Advanced Freediver - Expanding Horizons in the World of Freediving

If you already have basic freediving experience and are ready to deepen your knowledge and skills, the AIDA3 course, or "Advanced Freediver", may be the next step on your path to ocean depths.

Introduction to the AIDA3 Course

The AIDA3 course is designed for those who already have some experience in freediving and want to deepen their skills and knowledge. This course gives you a deeper understanding of the physiology and techniques of freediving and also prepares you for diving to depths of up to 30 meters.

Course Duration

The AIDA3 course typically lasts three and a half days. This time includes theoretical lessons, practical exercises in the pool, and dives in open water.

What Does the Course Include?

The AIDA3 course includes training in the following aspects of freediving:

  • In-depth study of anatomy and physiology in the context of freediving.
  • Development of breathing techniques for optimizing oxygen consumption and increasing dive time.
  • Finetuning swimming and diving techniques.
  • More in-depth study of pressure equalization methods in the ears.
  • Emergency situation training and rescue techniques at greater depths.
  • Diving to a depth of up to 30 meters.


The AIDA3 course is an ideal choice for those who want to expand their boundaries in freediving and explore the underwater world at greater depths. This course will help you improve your diving skills and confidence, as well as give you a deeper understanding of the physiology and techniques of freediving.

AIDA4: Master Freediver - Preparing for Professional Freediving

Freediving is not only the art of holding your breath and diving underwater but also a deeply scientific and physical endeavor. The AIDA4 course is designed for those who want to dive deeper into this fascinating world and develop their skills to a professional level.

New Techniques and Skills

The course teaches students techniques, knowledge, and safety procedures for deep freediving that go beyond recreational freediving. New techniques include:

  • FRC (Functional Residual Capacity) dives
  • Pressure equalization using the "Mouth-fill" method
  • Lung packing

Skills are developed within the following categories of freediving:

  • Static apnea
  • Dynamic apnea
  • Constant weight
  • Free immersion
  • Variable weight

Physical Preparation and Diet

In addition to in-water skills, this course introduces full warm-up and stretching exercises, specific stretching of the respiratory muscles, training concepts, and a diet that contributes to the development of the freediver. You will also get to know lung packing and reverse packing mainly within the vital capacity during dry lessons.

Equipment Management in Open Water

An important set of skills relates to equipment management in open water. Using appropriate knots and braiding techniques, setting the depth on the dive line, creating a safe bottom weight from a weight belt and diving weights, safely handling other additional equipment (bottom plate, flashlights, ropes, etc.).

Preparation for the Role of Assistant Instructor

One of the course's objectives is to prepare successful candidates for the role of assistant instructor. This new role will include conducting appropriate freediving warm-ups in closed and open water and observing students of all levels during their lessons in closed and open water.

Theoretical Lessons

Physics and Physiology:

  • Dalton's Law
  • Boyle's Law
  • Henry's Law
  • Decompression sickness
  • Nitrogen narcosis
  • Depth of failure and methods to increase VC (Vital Capacity) and decrease RV (Residual Volume)
  • Diving using FRC (Functional Residual Capacity)
  • "Mouth-Fill" pressure compensation technique
  • Lung packing
Fitness and training:

  • Learning a complete set of warm-up and stretching exercises
  • Specialized stretching of respiratory muscles
  • Overview of general training concepts

Nutrition and diet for freedivers:

  • Basics of nutrition that can help improve performance and recovery after freediving sessions


The AIDA4 course is a deep dive into the world of freediving, providing a deeper understanding of the techniques and strategies that ensure the safety and efficiency of your underwater adventures. This course prepares you not only for performing complex and deep dives but also for the role of assistant instructor, opening up new prospects in your freediving career.


At Apnetica Freediving, we not only offer you training in AIDA courses, but we also invest our passion and enthusiasm into every aspect of our work. Our commitment to safety, quality of training, and individual approach to each student is what sets us apart from other freediving schools.

Our mission includes not just imparting skills and knowledge but also inspiring students to explore and understand the unparalleled beauty of the underwater world. We strive to teach you freediving techniques so that you can enjoy this sport with maximum safety and confidence.

Our AIDA courses are designed to suit both beginners and experienced divers wishing to deepen their knowledge and improve their skills. We offer a flexible training schedule to match your lifestyle and preferences and provide you with all the necessary resources for successful learning.

At Apnetica Freediving, we will help you discover the amazing world of freediving and achieve your goals in this wonderful sport. Whether you want to set a new personal record, explore the underwater world, or simply experience new sensations, we are here to support you at every stage of this journey.

Join us at Apnetica Freediving and start your journey into the amazing world of freediving. We are confident that this unique atmosphere of freedom, silence, and peace under the water will become an unforgettable experience for you. We can't wait to see you grow and succeed in this beautiful form of active recreation.

For more detailed information and to clarify the cost of AIDA courses, we strongly recommend you refer to the "Courses" section on our website.

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