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Freediving: How the art of freediving teaches us not to think

Freediving is not only an exciting sport, but also represents a unique path to the development of consciousness and control of the mind. During deep dives, freedivers find themselves in a state where the mind quiets down and thoughts and worries disappear. In this article we will look at how freediving teaches us not to think and how this can have a positive impact on our lives.

Immersion in the present moment

One of the key aspects of freediving is the ability to focus on the present moment. During a deep dive, freedivers are forced to disconnect from everyday worries and problems, focusing only on their breathing and movement under water. This allows them to enter a state of flow, when time slows down and the mind is freed from unnecessary thoughts.

Breath control and emotion management

In freediving, breath control is a key skill. Athletes learn to control their breathing to increase dive time and reduce mental stress. Underwater, when air is limited, freedivers become more aware of their emotions and learn to manage them. This skill carries over into everyday life, helping to cope with stress and emotional challenges.
Feeling of unity with nature
Freediving allows athletes to come into harmony with the underwater world and feel at one with nature. During the dive, they become part of the ocean, observe fish and coral reefs, and explore the secrets of the depths. This immersion in nature helps you disconnect from everyday worries and problems, allowing the mind to relax and enjoy the moment.

Development of mental strength and discipline

Freediving requires a high degree of mental strength and discipline. Athletes must overcome their fears, develop confidence and the ability to cope with problems underwater. This trains their mind to set themselves up for success and overcome challenges. The ability to control your thoughts and emotions while diving expands the boundaries of your mind and develops a high degree of self-discipline.


Freediving provides a unique opportunity to experience a state of flow and disconnect from unnecessary thoughts. While diving underwater, freedivers find harmony with nature, develop control over breathing and the ability to manage emotions. They become more aware of the present moment and develop mental strength and self-discipline. All of this is possible due to training in water and on land.

Freediving, as a sport and an art, not only teaches us not to think, but also brings many benefits to everyday life. It helps manage stress, develops concentration skills, and brings harmony and balance to our connection with nature. So if you're looking to find a way to tune out the noise of your mind and enjoy the moment, freediving can be an amazing exploration of yourself and the world underwater!
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